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SquareOff provides fully automated Trading Bots that will place trades in your own Trading Account. Zero Manual Intervention


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SquareOff provides fully automated Trading Bots that will place trades in your own Trading Account. Zero Manual Intervention

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At SquareOff we believe next Generation of Trading has arrived.

Bank Nifty Golden Ratio Bot

One of best performing strategy that works very well during high volatile environment.

Machine Learning Trading Bot

Data is the new oil, at Squareoff we firmly believe there are lot of hidden gems if we dig deep with the data. For months we have been working on this machine learning bot to generate a consistent r...

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Automate your option trading strategy without any coding.

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Select from our Diversified List of Strategies, Enter Capital, We will take care of the rest


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Our bots actively monitor your account to avoid most common execution issues

Who we are

SquareOff provides fully automated Trading Bots that will place all trade entries without any manual intervention in your own Trading Account based on inbuilt strategies.

Trading strategies built on statistical and mathematical models have historically offered higher returns than their benchmarks and mutual funds.

We at SquareOff built mathematical & statistical models that can provide superior returns and we completely automated it, so the system will place entry, stop loss & targets automatically based on the strategy.

Beat the Market

Once a customer has sufficient funds to invest, SquareOff proprietary algo would predict when to trade/invest in Markets. Not much manual intervention required from the customer, they can continue with the day job or business while our Algo would take care of their investments.

Customers receive the benefits of Algorithm trading while maintaining control of costs, increased security, and complete transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Am Interested to try it out. What should I do?
We provide 14 days free trial. Just go to https://squareoffbots.com/ and start your free trial with your existing account that we have associated with. Our bots don’t work with any other broker. If you do not have an account, you can open account using the same link and get life time free access to three trading bots. 2 lacs per lot is the minimum capital requirement to trade with any bot.

What is the cost?
We provide access to all bots at free of cost for referral users but their max lot size is restrcited to one lot.

We charge Rs.30,000/- per year to access all bots who can trade more than one lot.
We provide a 50% discount of this subscription cost to all referral users who opened a broker account under us, where they can subscribe for Rs.15,000/- per year without any lot size restrictions.

I have opened an account under your referral, whats next step?

Please login to www.squareoffbots.com and enable trial and try all bots for free for 14 days, once free trial is over, please drop a mail to support@squareoff.in with your trading id, we shall enable access to free bots for your account. Please refer this video step-by-step instruction on how to use SQUAREOFF TRADING BOTS

Many bots are there, how to choose the right bot to trade?
We have trading bots that is segragated into three categories, Directional, non directional and baskets

Directional bots

BNF Straddle - It’s a directional option selling system that either shorts ATM CE or PE with 25% Stop loss. Based on the options data it determines the trend and accordingly chooses the strike. Just one trade per day. More details

MLB - N It’s machine learning bot that trades on Nifty. It’s a directional option selling system that rides the trend by either shorting ATM ce or ATM Pe. Unlike BNF Straddle which places just one a trade a day, this system places multiple trades as it can keep changing from Ce to Pe during reversals. So works really well and captures market reversals most of the time.
MLB - B - Machine learning bot that trades on BankNifty. Rules are same as Nifty.

BNF / Nifty Straddle / Strangle- It’s a simple 920 Short Straddle / Strangle system that shorts both ATM Ce & Pe at 9:20 with 25% stop loss.

GRB - It’s a intraday futures breakout trading system that triggers only when there is a big trending move with bank nifty. On an average only 6 or 7 trades triggered in a month.

GRB options - It’s an option buying system that triggers buy on ATM Ce or pe based on Grb futures triggers.

Non Directional bots

1% Straddle - works with Nifty and BankNifty. It’s a non directional systems works well when market trades in tight range. Where it shorts both atm ce and pe where stop loss is based on underlying 1% move instead of premiums based stop loss

ATS - Auto Strangle bot - This is a non directional bot that automatically adjust the positions based on options data. Works very well on expiry days.

Rolling Straddle - works with bank Nifty and FinNifty, it wil be visible only on expiry days.
Rolling Straddle BankNifty Expiry Trading Strategy | Squareoff bots video

Basket orders

These are totally different strategies that works with Nifty, bank nifty and finnifty where user can select the basket and it automatically triggers the respect trades.

It is a combination of trending & mean reverting systems, where first batch of orders are placed in the morning and second placed in the noon which covers both trending and non trending moves
Is it fully automated ?
Yes, our platform places entry orders and stop loss orders/target orders automatically as per the strategy. No manual intervention required. By day end around 3:10 pm, before cut off time, bots would square-off these positions automatically.

Can I trade my own strategy?
No, Trading bots platform comes with inbuilt strategy. Doesnt support any customised strategy. However, you can automate your own strategy using our free platform http://optionx.in/

If I trade with multiple bots, will it contradict with each other?
When you trade multiple system, there will always be some days where same symbol get triggered in both different systems. Each bot is treated as a separate strategy, it doesn't affect the end result. Say you trade with Short straddle, shorted 32000 CE and 32000 PE at 100 Rs. each As per Short straddle system we use 25% Stop loss, so when CE or PE hits 125 we exit from the system.

Consider on the same day, bank nifty starts moving up and option buying bot also triggers a CE buy order of same strike 32000 CE around 110 Rs. So you would see, your Short straddle CE position getting closed, since option buy triggered same strike. But this is not going to affect the end result. Before option buy triggered order, your position was
-25 QTY 32000 CE at 100
-25 QTY 32000 PE at 100
Now after option buy order trigger order, your position will be
0 QTY 32000 CE
-25 QTY 32000 PE
But if market starts moving up, the pending stop loss of Bank Nifty straddle kept at 125 will get triggered and your new position will be
+25 QTY 32000 CE
-25 QTY 32000 PE
So by eod, your Straddle will also be in profits and option buying will also be in profits when markets closed higher. So each bot system is separete, doesn't affect the result because of same symbol
What's the risk involved?
The risk is based on the individual bots, all cash segment bots follows risk per trade based on its own strategy rules and all option selling bots follows fixed SL of 25% and futures bot follows SL 0f 0.5% from entry price. Maximum drawdown varies from strategy to strategy.

Whats the recommended input time for bots?
Every user need to login to www.squareoffbots.com between 8am to 9:15 am. You need to give input to the respective bots before it starts. Please find below the start time of the bots

1.Golden Ratio futures and options bot — 9:25 am
BNF/Nifty Short straddle — 9:20 am
Rolling Straddles (BNF/Finnifty) —10:30 am 
Machine Learning bot — 9:45 am
BNF Short strangle — 9:30 am
1% BNF / Nifty /Finnifty short straddle — 10:30 am
Auto strangle (expiry trading) — 10:15 am
Directional straddle — 9:45 am

Can I monitor the trades real time?
Yes, you can login to your trading account and check the trades on real time.

Do you post daily PnL updates?
Yes, we share the daily PnL report of all bots in our telegram channel https://t.me/squareoff_channel

The PnL report that we share every day is not the backtest report, its the actual live profits made in all trading bot users account. We calculate what’s the total average profit/loss made per lot and update the same.

For example- When we post the total profits made by Bank Nifty short straddle bot is X, then it includes PnL from both type of users who selected re-entry and who did not select re-entry, so at times there will be discrepancies in the report. And there are certain users who might close their positions manually and book profit and there are users who leave it to the system and wait till eod to close the positions, so the profit and loss includes both type of users. Hence at times, profits could be lower for users who closed their positions by eod, and sometimes when markets go in a big theta decay phase and these users who closed positions manually would make less than those people who closed by eod. So this discrepancy happens because of these scenarios. Over the long we observed that only users who followed the system and closed the positions by EOD end up making higher profits.

Do I need to click any button during the market hours?
No manual intervention required. You just need to login once every day and update your capital, thats all. Bot will automatically place all trades.

Do you provide monthly subscription plans?
No, all our trading bots subscriptions are available only on yearly basis.

Does it generate profits every month?
No, please note that algo trading makes the execution easier, it doesnt gaurentee profits. Just like any trading system, these trading bots also goes through streaks of losses. So we should focus only on quarterly/half yearly period about the performance.

Am a working professional, will this product suit me?
Yes, our platform doesnt require you to sit in front of the system all the time, you just need to login to our platform once in the morning before market opens and update your capital, thats all. You can carry on with your work, our fully automated bot will take care of all order placement by itself.

Do you have a demo video to know how this bot works?
Yes, please refer this demo video link How to use Squareoff Trading Bots

Can I use the same account for my own manual Trading?
Yes, you can use it.

Does I need to keep the laptop/mobile web page open and running after logging in the morning?
No, not required. Once you login to the platform and update your capital, its done. System records it. You dont need to maintain any server or download any software, or keep laptop open.

How can I reach you guys?
We can be reached at support@squareoff.in we do not have any help desk voice support, all queries are addressed only through our email/chat support system

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